Deep Explanatory Polytomous Item-Response Model for Predicting Idiosyncratic Affective Ratings

Yan Zhou, Tsukasa Ishigaki and Shiro Kumano

International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2021)

Towards explainable affective computing (XAC), researchers have invested considerable effort into post hoc approaches and reverse engineering to seek explanations for deep learning models. However, alternative, intrinsic approaches that aim to build inherently interpretable models by restricting their complexity are yet to be widely explored. In this study, we integrate an explanatory polytomous item response model that provides a well-established psychological interpretation for ordinal scales with deep neural networks to realize high prediction performance and good result interpretability. We conducted an experiment on a growing task (i.e., predicting the idiosyncratic perception of emotional faces of an individual); as expected theoretically, the topmost parameters of our model demonstrated strong correlations with those of the corresponding ordinal item response model: r = 0.928 to 1.00. Our proposed intrinsic approach can used as a complementary framework for post-hoc methods in XAC to coach and support human social interactions.