About us

The Affective Computing Lab is the first affective computing lab in Japan, we believe. We are a semi-virtual laboratory: physically at NTT Communication Science Laboratories and virtually at the University of Tsukuba (partly in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the university).

We are scientifically exploring how the affective states of people can be transferred to others through mathematical modeling, especially computational modeling of individuals. This will likely lead to developing machines that can understand the human mind and communicate emotions with others. By integrating computer science and psychology and capturing the essence of both disciplines, we aim to (1) create innovative technologies and (2) make new psychological discoveries. With Bayesian statistics as the pillar of our research, we also emphasize collaboration with experts in various fields, such as affective computing, machine learning, computer vision, audio processing, natural language processing, cognitive science, mathematical psychology, and psychostatistics, as these fields are interrelated.